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About the Mitford Institute

The Mitford Institute is dedicated to the recognition of and appreciation for the work and writings of Jessica Mitford. The institute's mission is to provide an education to broaden and deepen public awareness on the nation's most pressing social issues. The Mitford Institute deals with issues that are rarely, or barely, being focused on in either virtual or actual campuses today. In The American Way of Death, our online continuing education course series will address end of life issues. These classes will aim to fill in some of the gaps in gerontology courses by offering more pragmatic and culturally diverse subjects, such as the consumer and legal issues of death and dying and the cultural challenges in health care and social welfare institutions. Our other courses, based on Jessica Mitfordís books; Kind and Usual Punishment, The American Way of Birth, and Poison Penmanship will showcase courses on prison reform, homelessness, domestic violence, health care reform, and ethical journalism. We will also highlight courses that are mandatory for licensees seeking CEUís.

The Mitford Institute is an approved provider of Continuing Education Units by the California Board of Behavioral Science - for Social Workers, Therapists, Psychologists, and Counselors.

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